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Our Projects

The Trade and Investment Advocacy Fund (TAF2+) provides highly technical on-demand technical trade and investment assistance to developing countries and LDCs to increase the technical skills and coordination of trade and investment ministries in developing countries. TAF2+ aims to contribute to FCDO’s strategic objectives by helping developing countries to effectively participate in the international trade and investment agenda and harness the benefits. The Fund, managed by Cowater International, runs from 2017 to February 2025 takes a targeted approach with different windows of support:   

  • Negotiations Window (window 1) targeted short- to medium-support during negotiations. Funding is targeted towards countries where negotiations have the potential to yield the highest returns on economic growth and poverty reduction. Under this Window, TA will include technical advice, skills training and logistical support.  

  • Strategic Window (window 2) enhanced support for FCDO priority countries before a trade negotiation and initially after an agreement is reached – with an emphasis on sustainability. This Window of support allows government ministries to prepare the groundwork for potential future negotiations and consider wider strategies to take advantage of the benefits secured through various trade agreements. 

  • FCDO Country Office Window (window 3) providing highly technical trade advice to FCDO Country Offices to inform future trade programming and policy. 

TAF2+ supports more effective negotiations resulting in better agreements which support economic development, growth, and poverty reduction. Greater access to trade and investment can result in transformative change in a developing country’s economy, thus contributing to wider poverty reduction. 

Cargo Ship at Sea

Window 1) Negotiations

Ongoing Projects

  • Support for the Pacific Group at the WTO – Phase II

  • Technical Assistance on WTO Issues to ACP Group

  • Long-term support to the LDC Group on WTO issues

Window 2) Strategic

Ongoing Projects 

  • GESI Strategy Implementation

  • WTO Umbrella Grant – Phase IV

  • Timor-Leste’s Certificate of Origin

Freight Shipping Containers
Aerial View of Containers

Window 3) Country Office

Ongoing Projects

  • Support to Ethiopia’s WTO Accession

  • Environmental Technical Assistance to Indonesia

  • IFD Needs Assessment: Cambodia            

Some of our Completed Projects (2017-2023)

  • Annual Investment Forum / Investment Policy Forum 2023

  • Support to Investment Treaties in Mozambique - Extension

  • Somaliland Trade and Transit Negotiations with Ethiopia - Phase 1

  • TAF2+ Advisory Event 3 (MSMEs)

  • Annual Investment Forum 2019

  • Virtual Platforms - Investment

  • Pacific Support to MC12

  • Long-term support to the LDC Group on WTO issues

  • Advisory & Design Missions

  • Haiti Trade Negotiations Support - Study

  • CARICOM Support on WTO Issues - Phase 1

  • Sudan WTO accession support

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