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About TAF2+

TAF2+ provides trade and investment negotiation support to developing countries, funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) as part of its mandate to lead the UK’s efforts in eradicating extreme poverty. The fund aims to enhance the technical expertise and coordination of trade and investment ministries in developing countries, facilitating their increased participation and engagement in vital trade and investment negotiations.


Cowater UK oversees the management of this fund, which includes maintaining relationships with supported ministries, handling support requests, procuring specialist services, and reporting to the UK's FCDO.

What support does the fund provide?

Support includes:

  • Highly technical external advice to ministries to inform negotiation positions.

  • Skills training to develop and assess options for negotiation positions at the ministries’ level.

  • Logistical support for a pre-meeting of countries enabling common position during larger regional/multilateral meetings.

  • Highly technical external advice to increase internal standards within partner ministries.

  • Advice to improve strategic planning with ministries.

  • Assistance to improve capacity to analyse growth, poverty and gender aspects of agreements.

  • Donor-coordination:(FCDO) central and country programmes, and other donors.

  • Assistance to increase capacity of (FCDO) country offices to support developing country partners on trade and investment.


TAF2+ provides a range of support under three windows:

  • Negotiation Window: short- to medium-term support before and during negotiations.

  • Strategic Window: enhanced support before a negotiation and immediately after an agreement has been reached

  • Country Office Window: highly technical advice to UK posts overseas to inform policy and programming.


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About Cowater

Cowater International believes in locally driven change. This has been the force behind our work and the inspiration we harness when designing and implementing every project. Combined with multidisciplinary expertise, curiosity and private sector execution, we are intent on solving the most complex development challenges. We have implemented more than 800 projects in 80 countries for over 36 years. Today, we are global leaders in development consulting and project implementation. We hold ourselves to the highest standards as well by bringing world-class technical expertise to all projects on top of flawless project management. We embrace challenges such as working in unstable environments or forging partnerships where none existed before because we believe in building a better tomorrow. We are a team of 600 international development experts united in delivering this promise every step of the way.

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